Advocating for food justice by connecting people to
food, community, health, and educational resources

Our Story...

Jackson Inspirations was founded by Dr. Cynthia Jackson. We use our 5 acre farm in Rockdale County, GA to raise animal friends and grow healthy food. We believe it is important to provide access to healthy foods and to help kids live healthy active lifestyles. Therefore, we work to provide a healthy community garden for the Rockdale residents and offer fun creative agricultural programs for kids beyond the classroom. Through service and intentionally being in community with one another, we can collectively make a great impact in the world.

Fun times at the farm...

How our farm helps our mission...

Our farm grows healthy food

Our farm builds community

Our farm is used for farm education

  • In response to food insecurity and the lack of access to quality resources in underserved areas, our organization utilizes its farmland to grow and provide healthy foods.
  • Just as Magnolia trees are firmly rooted, strong, and bloom beautiful flowers, our goal is to help raise young leaders who are physically strong and beautifully spirited by providing free access to healthy foods.
  • We believe that access to healthy foods and living a healthy active life are basic human rights--and we are committed to providing a free community garden for local families.
Using land to provide quality foods to a local community and teach agricultural skills to children has the potential to make a great impact. Farmland can be used as a teaching tool, a means to strengthen partnerships, and can build connections across generations. 
  • We believe that agricultural education can help raise well-rounded future leaders. We have developed educational programs to include 1) Farm to Table Nutritional Program and 2) Farm + Climate Educational Program
  • We also believe that kids should have hands-on experience and exposure to crops and farm life. Therefore, we are working to create a learning space that is fun, educational, and impactful.
  • Giving means that we can depend on you to help provide kids with educational programming and farm experience at no cost to the child's family.

Ways to Support...

We need healthy soil all year round to make our garden a success. If you would like to donate a bag of compost, click donation link below and select soil donation option. Each bag contains 1 cubic yard of compost and costs $225.

Help support our educational activities

As we host various youth groups, fun and education are our top priorities. We want to ensure that each student leaves with a better understanding of the connection between their classwork and agriculture. Therefore, we need certain items to make their educational experience a success. If you would like to our farm education, please consider giving. 

Volunteering and Farm Visits

If you are part of a group that is interested in volunteering your time and service, we would love to have you.  Contact us via email. If you  work with a children's/youth group and are interested in taking a field trip to the farm for fun educational learning, please email us below.